Super Bowl Betting

With Super Bowl betting, you get to place bets on the annual NFL championship game.  It pits the winner of the American Football Conference against the winner of the National Football Conference.  Each conference consists out of 16 teams and only the winner of each conference gets to compete at the Super Bowl.  The National Football Conference is made up out of two different Leagues namely the AFL and the NFL.  The Super Bowl is usually played at the end of January or the beginning of February each year following two weeks after the AFC and NFC Championship Games.  The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year in the USA and mobile betting has made it even easier for NFL betting fans to bet down to the line.

The Biggest US Betting Sports Events USA

Super Bowl betting is as big an event as the game itself.  This means long queues at sports bookmakers and a lot of time wasted travelling to these bookmakers and standing in queues.  You can avoid the schlep and frustrations this cause by simply placing your bet via your mobile device.  This also means you get to place your bet when it suits you and not when the bookmaker is open and wherever you are.  The best betting sites are listed on this page.  These suggested sites are the best mobile betting sites available to American bettors.

Types of Bets in Super Bowl Betting US

The types of Super Bowl betting available are as exciting as the event!  American bettors can place bets on the favourite they believe will win the game or the underdog which people assume are going to lose.  Other types of bets are;

  • Long Shot

You will receive the most impressive betting odds with this type of bet.  This bet is placed on a team believed unlikely to win.

  • Odds on Favourite

This bet is when a team is favored enough that the odds are less than even.

  • Handicap

Odds are assigned to mismatched sporting events.  The team most likely to win is usually given a handicap to give the same advantage to the other team.

  • Point Spread

This is the most common form of handicapping in football.  It is assumed a team will be a touchdown favorite and win by 7 points.  This team is then assigned a handicap of 7 points.  This allows for even money Super Bowl betting on NFL games.  The favorite team therefore has to beat the other team with 8 points or more in order for this type of bet to win.

  • Hedging

American bettors can place bets on both sides of a ledger in order to minimize losses or assure a small win.

  • Money Line

You can bet on which team you believe will win straight up.  The odds offered with this type of bet are usually connected to a handicap in order to give the underdog bet an even chance at winning.

Other Mobile Betting Sports Apps USA

The mobile sportsbooks suggested on this site offer many more types of Super Bowl betting and you can enjoy placing exotic and other exciting bets on your mobile.

Super Bowl Betting at the Best US Sites

When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl you want to enjoy all the best odds and the greatest chance of picking a winner. The top mobile betting that we suggest are not only ideal for Americans using a number of popular mobile devices, they also offer you all the information you need to pick a potential winner. Try out one of our top picks and experience mobile Super Bowl betting at its best.