Mobile Rugby Betting

Although Americans love their baseball, football basketball and hockey, there are also many other sports Americans enjoy betting on and one of those sports is rugby. America has its own Rugby Union and the sport is played at youth, high school, club and international levels. USA Rugby is the governing body of all the Rugby Union that is played in the country and the United States men’s international rugby team, the Eagles, has competed in all but one Rugby World Cup. With the rapid growth of the sport in America, mobile bettors are starting to place more and more bets on both international and local matches alike.

How to Pick a Rugby Team when Betting in USA

American rugby fans are loyal to their teams and will always support them in any competition, but when it comes to placing bets, things aren’t always that simple. Although it is natural to want to place a bet on your team regardless of whether they will win or not, this does not help you to win bets. Mobile bettors should always take statistics into consideration when placing bets which means that you will have to bet against your own team on occasion.

Mobile Rugby Betting Options US

Rugby bettors have a wide variety of betting options available to them, from the very simple to the more exotic and complicated bets. It is always recommended that novice bettors start by placing simple bets and gain some experience before attempting one of the more complicated exotic ones. Some of the more popular bets are the Supremecy bet, in which the bettor has to predict by how many points a team will beat another. The Future Bet, in which the bettor predicts the overall winner of a series or a tournament.

The First Try Scorer bet lets the bettor predict which team will score the first try, this is a difficult bet with great odds, so if you predict correctly the payout will be good. One of the most popular and the simplest bets in rugby betting is the Outright Winner; this bet lets the mobile bettor pick which team will win the match. When you visit one of the mobile sportsbooks reviewed on this site, you will see the team’s odds next to the name of the team, which will also explain how much you will be paid out in the event of a win. One rule of rugby betting that the bettor should remember is that the team that is least likely to win will have better odds.

Rugby Betting Opportunities for Americans

Now that there are mobile betting  apps, bettors no longer have to worry about where matches are taking place. Rugby matches are played all over the world, as well as in America, so mobile bettors in America will always have matches to bet on. Another benefit of mobile betting is never having to worry about the time zone of another country in which a match is taking place. Bettors can now place bets on rugby matches anywhere in the world, any time they want, from a location of their choice. If you are fan of this fast paced, highly exciting contact sport, read the reviews on this site and start betting on rugby using your mobile.