Mobile NHL Betting

NHL betting is so much more convenient when you place your bets via your mobile device.  Stop wasting your precious time in front of your computer and simply go online with your mobile phone or tablet and place your bet on America’s favorite sporting league!

We bring you all the best National Hockey League betting and the sites we recommend have proven to be the very best for Americans. An added advantage of the mobile betting sites suggested on this page is the availability of up to date statistics, betting tips and the best betting odds American bettors can find.  These sites will not only manage your time better and simplify your betting by allowing you to place your bet wherever and whenever.  It will also keep track of your bets on your behalf!  NHL betting has never been this exciting.  You can place your bets watching the game televised or live without missing a single exciting moment.

About the NHL USA

The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league consisting out of 30 franchised teams of which 23 are from the United States and 7 from Canada.  The NHL is widely considered to be the premier professional ice hockey league in the world and one of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.  The annual playoff champion receives the Stanley cup which is the oldest professional sports trophy in Northern America.

Place your NHL Mobile Bets US

There is a multitude of NHL betting you can take part in on these suggested mobile betting sites.  Ice hockey is called the fastest game in the world.  The game and the betting are equally exciting though!  The focal point on betting is usually handicapping and picking winners.  But there are a wide variety of different ways to wager on the NHL.  Following is a glossary of some of the bets;

  • Money Line

This is simply betting on which team will win the game outright.  It is the most straightforward and popular type of ice hockey bet.

  • Over / Under

Bookmakers will set a total for each game and American bettors can bet on whether the total amount of goals scored between the two teams will go under or over this set total.

  • Puck Line

American bettors can base their NHL betting on playing the puck line.  Each game has a set point spread of -1.5 on the favorite and +1.5 on the underdog.  Betting on the puck line favorite offers much more attractive payouts than money line bets.

  • Point Spread

Bookmakers like offering more exotic point spread bets based on the puck line bet but with larger point spreads.  Due to the low scoring nature of ice hockey, larger point spreads result in very lucrative payouts.

  • Regulation Time

Regulation time betting allows USA bettors to wager on the favorite at -0.5 or the underdog at +0.5.  You will basically be betting the favorite will win the game within the regulation time or alternatively, the underdog wins or the game goes into overtime.

Other Mobile Sports Bets You will Find USA

Some other NHL sport betting guides options you may wish to look at are parlay, proposition, the uniquely named grand salami and first period bets.  The betting sites listed on this page are highly recommended for USA bettors.  Access these sites now via your tablet or mobile device and enjoy the freedom of betting on the NHL from anywhere, at anytime.