Ice Hockey Betting

Do your ice hockey betting wherever and whenever it suits you via your mobile device with the sites suggested on this page.  You will never have to queue in order to place a bet again!  The betting sites suggested on this page are the best mobile sites for American bettors.  The software available from the suggested betting sites listed on this page is compatible with any mobile phone or tablet.  These sites are all American friendly sites and offer the best betting odds.

Ice Hockey Betting in America

Ice hockey has been nicknamed the fastest game on Earth for a reason.  This high paced full contact sport is the most popular sport in northern parts of the United States as well as Canada.  The sport is also quite popular in Europe.  Ice hockey betting takes a rightful place alongside the sport as spectator’s worldwide love to bet on this game.  American bettors are amongst the biggest betting enthusiasts for ice hockey.  Ice hockey has federations in 73 countries worldwide.

Different Types of Ice Hockey Bets USA

Betting on hockey is centred on the game lines which entail deciding which team to back while handicapping the other team.  Bookmakers will give one team a goal handicap in puck line betting.  The straight up bet is the most difficult bet in ice hockey as scoring events and margins bets.  This is a low scoring sport and therefore it’s easier to predict this than in any other sport.  Ice hockey betting also has the options where you can bet on the total score and the overall winners.  The following glossary will assist American bettors in deciding which type of bet suits them the best;

  • Match result without overtime

You will be betting on the result at the end of regulations time excluding overtime.

  • Win Match including overtime

You will be betting on the winner of the game after shoot-outs and overtime is concluded.

  • Handicap

You will be betting on the winner of the game after a certain handicap has been applied.  Usually this handicap is applied by bookmakers to give a disadvantage to the most popular teams and increase the ice hockey betting odds hereby.

  • Total over / under

Bookmakers will give a predicted final score and you can bet is this score will be over or under the final match score.

  • Total goals

You can bet on how many goals in total – including shoot outs – will be scored in the game.

  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd period results

Predict the results at the end of each period correctly to win this type of bet.

  • Overtime

Predict if the game will go into overtime or not.  This type of bet is only available for games which have the potential of going into overtime.

  • Highest scoring period

This is another popular ice hockey betting favourite.  You can bet on which period of the game will have the highest score out of the three periods without overtime included.

  • Correct score

Predict the final score after shoot outs and overtime correctly to win this bet.

Many More Types of Bets Available

There are many more types of bets you can place on the suggested sites listed on this page.  These sites are the best for American mobile betting.  Use your android device, iPhone or iPad now to place your sports betting guides on exciting games of ice hockey taking place in America and across the globe.