Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing is a very exciting sport and Americans love placing bets on all the mobile racing bets, which makes it even more exciting to watch. Although watching a race that you have placed a bet on is great fun to watch, winning the bet makes it really special and to increase your chances of winning you should read all the best mobile horse racing tips for Americans available on this site. The more information on the horses and the race that the bettor has, the more likely it is that he will place a winning bet. We will now discuss all the tips that will allow the bettor to make good bets.

The Betting Possibilities USA

It is very important to familiarize yourself with all the betting possibilities that are available to you. Horse racing bets are often confusing for beginners, but as they gain experience they all start to make sense. American bettors need to know about bets such as Win and Place, exotic bets and multi bets. The Win and Place bets are straightforward bets in which the bettor picks a horse to win or take 2nd or 3rd place. Many sportsbooks offer variations on the Place and Win bets and they will vary at every mobile sportsbook. The next group of bets consists of the more exotic bets like the Quinellas, Exactas, First Four, Trifectas, and Quadrellas. All of these bets can be great fun to make and have many great betting possibilities. The Multi Bets consist of doubles, trebles, and parlays along with many variations, bettors often place these bets across several different races. There are also often unique bets that are offered by mobile sportsbooks which will be explained when they are offered.

Analyzing the Statistics for American’s

Analyzing the statistics is one of the most important horse racing tips for a bettor. Once bettors have decided on the type of bet they would like to make, they will have to decide on which horse they want place the bet. The best way to pick a horse to bet on is by reading up on the horse’s statistics before you place a bet. Information on the horse, the jockey and the track will be available to the bettor for every race that takes place. It is essential to get as much information about the horse as possible in order to place a good bet. Horse betting tips often include information about the horse’s owner and trainer too.  The jockey is another very important part of the race and the horse and the jockey are a team, so it always a good idea when reading horse racing tips to take both the horse and the rider into consideration. Another thing to consider is the track, all horses perform differently on different types of tracks so it is good to know what type of track the horse you are betting on prefers.

Check the Odds when betting on the Horses USA

You might get all the information that you need to pick a winner by reading the horse racing tips but this doesn’t mean that you will receive the best odds. It is a fact that outsiders always have better odds than favorites. If you do know enough about horse racing, you can often tell if an outsider is likely to win and you will be paid out very well when it does.

Use these tips and any others you can find and enjoy the best possible mobile betting experience at the finest American-friendly sportsbooks. An informed bet is often the best bet, and there’s no better way to wager than with confidence.