Mobile Golf Betting

Golf betting allows American bettors to place bets on their favourite game.  An added advantage of the sites suggested and listed on this page for American bettors is that you can place your bet via your mobile device!  Place your bet wherever you are and whenever it suits you without any hassle.  No more suffering queues at bookmakers or rushing there to place your bet on time.  Simply go to one of these suggested American-friendly mobile betting sites for the best betting experience you will ever have.  These suggested sites all have compatible software available for your mobile phone or tablet for online free betting and offers the best golf betting odds available.

Betting Odds for Masters Golf Tournament USA

Golf is one of those calm and relaxing yet intense types of games where spectators and players alike experience a thrill when a perfect round is hit by a player.  There are always pertinent deciding factors which come into play with any game in golf for instance the weather conditions, the course the competition is played on, light conditions and the performance of players during specific games.  A typical competition game is played on a golf course featuring 18 different holes.

This is one game where the players have to attempt to get the lowest score instead of the highest in order to win the competition.  Spectators can indulge in some fun golf betting by predicting some of the results of the game.  Golf dates back to 15th century Scotland and some historians trace the sport back to the Roman game of Paganica in which participants used to bend a stick in order to hit a stuffed leather ball.

Different Types of Golf Bets US

The Nassau bet is one of golf’s most classic and popular types of bets.  It is essentially three different bets where bettors can wager on the best match play score in the front and back nine holes and the total 18 holes.  The amount of the bet is established for each nine holes with a third bet for the overall 18 hole match.  Golf betting points are calculated by scoring each of the holes as a separate match and the player with the lowest score on a hole wins a point.  If a score of a hole ties between players, it will result in a push where no points are won or lost.

Another form of this bet is the Nassau presses bet.  It is essentially a double or nothing type of bet where a side may be two or more points down in a match and are allowed to request this side bet called a press.  The opposition has the option to accept or reject this bet although it is usually accepted.  Players of different abilities are usually allowed to compete in the same game and handicaps are used to determine how many strokes one player has to give a less experienced player to even out the odds.

Top Rated Mobile Golf Betting USA

The best mobile sites for golf betting are suggested and listed on this page. Our team of intrepid American betting experts has taken the time to find the top rated sportsbooks that offer mobile golf betting for every bettor.