Mobile Cycling Betting

Americans love cycling and the sport is becoming more and more popular in America all the time. America itself has many cycle races such as the USA Pro Challenge and the Philadelphia International Championship, which is one of the most prestigious cycling races outside of Europe. American mobile bettors enjoy placing bets on both local and international cycling races. Some of the biggest cycling events in the world take place in Europe and the most popular race amongst mobile bettors is the Tour de France. Some other popular cycling races that American mobile bettors enjoy betting on are the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana.

Different Types of Cycling Betting USA

There are many different types of cycle betting for the mobile bettor to choose from, ranging from the simple to the more exotic. It is always advisable to only place simple bets if you are a newcomer to the sport until you gain some experience. Like many other sports, the simplest bet is the win/lose bet, in which the bettor places a bet on a particular cyclist to win a race, if the cyclist wins then the bettor will be paid out. This is a safe bet for new bettors to make, because they will probably know only the famous cyclists who are likely to win. Other bets include from which country the winner will be or who will win a stage of a race. These more complicated bets require a good knowledge of the sport and are best placed by experienced bettors.

Betting Odds on Cycling US

Cycling odds are listed in many different formats including moneyline, fractional odds and decimal format. The format is usually dictated by the mobile sportsbook’s customers, so if the customers are American then moneyline will be used. Fractional odds are commonly used in straight up bets on which cyclist will win a race. For example if a sportsbook is accepting 4/1 bets on one particular cyclist, this means that for every $1.00 a bettor bets on a cyclist they will be paid out $4.00 if the cyclist wins. If the same cycling betting odds were listed in moneyline bet they would look quite different.

A moneyline odds bet listed at +500 means that for every $1.00 the bettor has bet he will receive $5.00. Decimal odds require that the bettor subtracts 1 from the odds that are listed. For example if a cyclist was listed at 4.00 this means that for every $1.00 a bettor bet, they would receive $3.00.The more likely the cyclist is to win a race, the lower the odds will be. The best odds in cycling betting are always on the long shot riders. Always be sure to read the reviews on this site so you can find a mobile sports guide that suits your needs.

Cycling Betting with Reviewed Sportsbooks USA

If you are a cyclist or a fan of the sport, then you should consider doing some cycling betting at one of the many excellent sports books we have reviewed on this site. If you are new to cycling betting it is always a good idea to do as much reading up as possible on the sport and the professional cyclists that compete in the all the big races. We bring you all the information you need about betting on cycling and make finding an American mobile sports betting that offers this type of wagering simple.