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Horse racing is one of America’s favorite pastimes and Americans really enjoy placing bets at the best mobile totes. The tote bet differs from other bets because it is a pooled bet, which means that the money that will pay out the mobile bettors is made up of the money that all the mobile bettors bet. When someone wins, the money will be divided up among the winners, based on the betting odds. At a tote the odds change all the time right up until the race starts. This means that the mobile bettor doesn’t know what the odds are going to be until the race starts, this makes betting at a tote very exciting.

The odds at a mobile betting tote are determined by how many bettors’ place bets, so if many bettors bet on the same horse to win, the payout will be much less than it will be if an outsider wins. So the more bettors that win a bet, the more bettors need to be paid out. If a mobile bettor places a bet on an outsider that not many other bettors have bet on, then he will be paid out well. Mobile bettors with a very good knowledge of horse racing can win huge sums of money by placing bets on long shots.

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When placing bets at totes, there are many different types of bets that you can choose from. The simplest bet that you can pick is the Win, in which the bettor predicts which horse will win a race. A Place bet is bet in which the bettor predicts which position a horse will come in, this is usually 2nd or 3rd but sometimes can go beyond this. An Each Way bet at one of the best mobile totes is a combination of a Win and a Place bet. The Exacta bet is a bet in which the bettor must predict which horses will come in the first and second places. The Trifecta is similar to the Exacta but the bettor must predict which horses will come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in exact order. The Quadpot is a bet that requires the bettor to choose horses to either win or place from 3rd to 6th place in each of four races.

A Placepot is similar to the Quadpot, but it requires the bettor to pick a horse for all the 6 races of a race day and if one horse does not come in the correct position the bettor loses the bet. The Jackpot is a bet in which the bettor predicts a winner for each race of an entire day. The Scoop Six is a variation of both the Placepot and the Jackpot, this is one of the more exotic bets at the best mobile totes and usually only offered on a big race day. In the Scoop Six bet, the bettor must predict which horses will win all 6 races of the day. If the bettor gets it right the winnings will be huge but if just one horse does not come in, then the bettor will lose the bet.

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If you are fan of horse racing bets and you have a mobile device, then read our reviews, pick a sportsbook and start placing bets at the best mobile totes today. The excitement and anticipation that tote betting offers is unrivalled and whether you have an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or android or Windows powered tablet or smartphone, you can enjoy all the action on the go.